Monday, December 22, 2014

Crystal Ann Burchett aka Lexus

As I posted earlier there is an article based on the Odessa Texas Case involving Crystal Burchett aka Crystal Ann Burchett who also went by the name Lexus. In that article there is a picture posted that might be Crystal - Lexus. It doesn't say who it is exactly, but I am assuming it is her since the article is about her. 

You can access the article via our previous post

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Client List True Story Based on Odessa Texas Scandal

The True Story that Inspired The Client List
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

The Client List is loosely based on the scandal that occurred in Odessa, Texas. Jennifer Love Hewitt bought the rights to the story. There were not a lot of articles about the case outside of Big Spring. One woman did some in depth research of the case. She changed some of the name of the girls in her article. The articles that appeared in the newspaper told it all. They gave all the names. It was one of the biggest scandals to hit Big Spring.

The Place
The scandal took place at the The Healing Touch in Big Spring. Everything was on the down low so no one really knew what was going on inside. They would only hire a few girls at a time. The girls always wore saintly clothes so no one knew what was going on.

The People
There were two ladies named Kathy and Sharon Joyner. They were the owners. They were also a couple.They were responsible for bringing in the workers. They did so very discreetly, and they only brought workers in one at a time.

Melinda: she was a woman in her mid thirties who had long brownish hair and she had a reputation for being sort of on the wild side.

Paige: was the opposite. She was very lady like and sophisticated. Her hair was blonde. She was also in her mid thirties. 

Lexus: was a young 22 year old girl who had a bubbly personality. She was a small petite girl who was a previous homecoming queen and cheerleader in Big Spring. She took the job seriously, and though she did not have a lot of experience she charmed her way to the top. The men loved her. She also brought in more business. She was the parlor’s main attraction. Now, this is the part Jennifer Love Hewitt plays. The real lady as named in court documents and in the newspapers was named Crystal Burchett aka Crystal Green of Big Spring, Texas.  You can find an interview online that Crystal gave regarding the incident.

 The Scandal Hits the fan

Rumors started swirling in the town, and soon an investigation was launched. The first raid was on May 27, 2004. It was as if everyone started going a little crazy. Wives started turning in their husbands because they wanted to know if their names were on the list. Business people were turning in co workers who frequented the place. It was a mess. Almost 70 people were arrested.. Lexus and some of her coworkers told it all. They received light sentences in exchange for their cooperation. The people they rounded up included

teachers, a man who owned an insurance company, and a local rancher, and even a pastor.(oh my!)

One of the men on the list was found not guilty in 2005. He was the first to go to trial. People were puzzled as to how he could be acquitted when people identified him as a patron. In any case....his name if officially off the list.

Here is a statement I received from the guy:
"The Odessa Police provided the surveillance video, showing me only being in the building for a total of 15 minutes...(Only 5 of which was out of camera site)... Not all who go to Burger King, are there to eat a hamburger..Not all who enter a parlor, are there for a massage/s{}act, etc."

On the other blog that I had about the case a girl name Francisca wrote in. She stated that she worked there for only a few months before she quit. She said that she tried to talk Lexi into leaving The Healing Touch and move to Austin with her to help her get clean. She said that when the case blew wide open she expected that she would be arrested too, but it never happened. In fact they showed her pictures on the news that evening. According to her the movie is far from the truth. . She goes on to say that most of the girls worked there in order to afford their “habit” including Lexi.

Extra Stuff

Jennifer Love Hewitt actually fell in love with the story when she first heard of it. She secured the rights to the story. She did as much research as she could on the industry, and she even took classes to help her with her moves. She did not work out for the film because she wanted her shape to be like that of a real voluptuous woman who was naturally built that way.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Based on Crystal Burchett Not Cynthia Martinez

A lot of you have asked about the basis of the film The Client List. First, let me say, for those of you who are familiar with the former Movies Based on True Stories Database writer Traciy Curry-Reyes, then you know that we have researched hundreds of stories and were the first to match the true events to the movies. When, I researched this story years ago, there were a few articles about the movie coming out starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, but none of those articles told the actual basis for the film as I recall. I remember scouring through hundreds of articles, until I matched most of the facts in the real case.

Well, since that time another blogger wrote an article suggesting that the movie is based on Cynthia Martinez, and though there are some similarities in the case, the movie is NOT based on her case. Cynthia Martinez's case hit the media in late 2009.

When I first matched the basis to the story, I posted the actual article on which it was based. Since, that time we are not allowed to post other articles so now I am only able to refer to it, and perhaps you can research it yourself. Jennifer Love Hewitt heard about the Odessa, Texas scandal when it came out in the media in 2004. Another woman researched the case and wrote an article about it in The Texas Monthly. Jennifer bought the rights to THAT story. The movie is loosely based on that Texas Monthly article. Here is the actual article (and there is a picture there too. It doesn't give the name of the woman in the picture, but I am assuming it is Crystal. You can check it out here.

You can read about more movies that are based on a true story here!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Client List is cancelled after 2 seasons is reporting that the Lifetime show, The Client List, has been cancelled. The show, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, would have been going into its third season.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Client List Season 2 Air Date Starts March 10

The new season of The Client List starting Jennifer Hewitt begins on Sunday, March 10th at 10 pm on Lifetime. Read the true story below that inspired this movie.